Cadet golf gloves have shorter finger sizes and a broader palm and back of the hand, resembling “regular” size gloves.

    If you have broad palms and short wider fingers, a cadet golf glove is ideal for the shape of your hand.

    20% of golfers demand cadet-size gloves. Cadet golf glove design increases your comfort and the lifespan of your golf glove. 

    You do not have to buy new gloves every few months.

    The regular glove typically fits most players’ hand shapes. The cadet golf glove is to provide golfers with unusual hand sizes.

    What Is A Cadet Medium Golf Glove

    A regular medium golf glove fits those with a middle finger length of 4 to 5 inches and a palm width of 2 to 7 inches. 

    A cadet medium fits those with a middle finger length of 3 to 4 inches and a 5 to 6-inch palm width.

    Cost Of Cadet Vs. Regular Golf Gloves

    A cadet glove contains shorter fingers than a regular glove. If you have shorter fingers, you must face the discomfort of extra material at the ends of your gloves.

    Factors that different cadet golf gloves from regular golf gloves are:

    Fitting And Comfort

    The fingers of cadet vs. regular gloves can create all the difference. A glove that’s too tight affects your grip. 

    Cadet gloves are thus an excellent choice for people with more extensive hands and shorter fingers.


    Cadet gloves come in various sizes, typically in men’s sizes from small to extra large.

    Women looking for cadet gloves can often find gloves of their size in the men’s small to the size range.

    Cost Of Cadet Vs. Regular Golf Gloves

    There are two main benefits of cadet gloves. The first is that you get the right glove for your hand to support your game. 

    The second is that cadet gloves cost is same as that regular gloves,

    The size of a cadet glove is tight around the hands, and your fingers may not contact the leather tip.

    What Cadet Golf Glove Size Do I Need

    If the length of their fingers falls between 2.7 to 2.8 inches and the palm is 2.8 to 3.3 inches, a small cadet glove suits you best. 

    An XXL cadet glove is best if your fingertips reach 2.9 to 3.0 inches and your palm is 3.5 to 3.7 inches. 

    A cadet golf glove is the best option for your hand if you’re a player who only wears one glove. If this case, you should have a left glove if you’re right-handed.


    To check the material of cadet golf g love is essential. 

    If you want to hold it for an extended period, you must note that artificial gloves are more long-lasting and don’t shrink over time.

    Weather Conditions.

    Specific cadet gloves are used to play either in hot or cold weather. In wet situations, use waterproof gloves so your hand will remain dry. 

    A cadet golf glove is also helpful for slippery club handles. On the other hand, cold weather needs gloves with good insulation.

    Body Condition

     If you play under the hot sun, your hands will get sweaty. If that’s the case, use gloves that can absorb sweat better.

    Different Sizes Of Cadet Gloves

    Cadet golf gloves usually are not made for women or left-handers, but nothing stops you from wearing a cadet glove. 

    How To Decide If You Need A Cadet Golf Glove

    Measure your left-hand palms if you are right-handed. 

    If the length of their fingers falls between 2.7 to 2.8 inches and the circumference 2.8 to 3 inches, a small cadet glove suits them best.

    The quickest way to decide if you need a cadet golf glove is to use this size chart.

    If your fingertips reach 2.9 to 3 inches and your palm is 3.5to 3.7-inches, an XXL cadet glove is used.

    You can test gloves by yourself until you find the best one.

    An Ideal Feeling Of Golf Glove

    A golf glove should fit like double skin, stretched across the palm and fingers, with no loose material. You should not have extra fabric at the top of your fingers.

    A glove should give you maximum grip, more control over the club, and strength in your swing. If the glove doesn’t fit properly, it becomes uncomfortable for your hand.

    How Should A Golf Glove Fit

    A golf glove should feel good but not too tight. A golf glove should fit around your hand and fingers. 

    However, it should not fit so tightly that it becomes untied when you close your hand. A glove that fits too tightly is uncomfortable.

    A golf glove should sense like a second skin rather than a replacement for your original skin. You want a fitting without extra loose material in the fingers or palm.

    How Long Do Golf Gloves Last?

    Golf gloves can last for 5 to 10 rounds on average. Sometimes you have to change your gloves first than you think. 

    In other examples, your glove can shock you by lasting longer.

    However, many golfers don’t use new gloves after playing 30-40 holes on the course. It doesn’t mean golf gloves lose quality after two or three rounds.

    A lifetime of a golf glove depends on many factors. Some of these factors are under control, but some are not. 

    The following are some factors.

    1. Situations In Which You Play
    2. The Way You Grasp Your Club
    3. Fabric Of The Gloves
    4. Quality Of Your Gloves
    5. Care For Your Gloves

    Detail of these factors are:

    How Many Times Have You Played

    Your gloves will damage faster when you play a lot. While practicing, you can wear the old golf glove. Keep the new gloves for playing.

    The conditions in which you play are :

    Weather can negatively affect your gloves. For example, high temperatures or heavy rain can damage your gloves faster. 

    Playing In Wet Conditions

    Moisture can also decrease the lifetime of golf gloves when we play in a wet climate. It becomes harder to grip correctly.

    Playing In The Rain

    Your gloves will be wet when you play in the rain. Their life will be affected if you don’t dry their gloves.

    But it doesn’t mean you should not play golf on a rainy day. In such a matter, it is more likely to keep a golf umbrella.

    The Way You Grip Your Club

    You should pay attention to your grip on your gloves. Using a glove that needs a lot of gripping power will damage your golf glove more quickly.

    Because adding pressure to specific parts of your grip will create extra friction between the glove and the club. 

    The Overall Quality Of Your Gloves

    Different golf gloves are available on the market, and some are of varying quality. So when purchasing, you should choose suitable gloves of good quality. 


    In this article, I talk about cadet golf gloves. Cost of cadet gloves and their difference from regular gloves. 

    Cadet golf glove size and quality and talk about their long-lasting quality and other things related to caste golf gloves.

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