How To See Someone Else’s Likes On Instagram


In this competitive world, everyone runs behind how to increase likes and How To See Someone Else’s Likes On Instagram. But why?

Instagram is a popular social project today that allows people from all over the world to share their photos and create their own gallery on the network. And likes on Instagram are one of the main goals of any account, from a simple user to an online store, because they show the level of popularity of a person or page. Monitoring someone’s likes allows you to accurately select a pool of rivals to look for your own way to increase profitability.

Instagram has introduced a new feature that will allow users to control the counter of “likes” under posts. Now the users will be able to choose whether to leave a like counter under their Instagram posts or hide it.

How To See Someone Else's Likes On Instagram

The social network has already tested this feature in some countries, and now it is available to all users. According to the developers, it will help you focus on the pictures and videos and not on how many likes the posts get. You can manage likes in the settings.

Why do you want to see someone else’s likes on Instagram?

There are multiple reasons to see the likes of other people on Instagram:

  • To know your friends’ interests
  • Learn more about your favorite celebrities and personalities
  • Keep an eye on your kids

Because of these reasons, most people are interested in knowing “How To See Someone Else’s Likes On Instagram.”

Don’t worry. We have a solution for you. Despite the disappearance of this function, it is possible to obtain the desired information. To do this, you need to turn to special programs that analyze accounts.

How To See Someone Else’s Likes On Instagram

The news about getting rid of Instagram from “Likes” entailed a mixed reaction from users. For some, this change allowed them to use social networks more freely. On the other hand, someone had to abandon control of the activity of certain profiles. The lost option was replaced by special programs that fill the gap.

Snoopreport is the best Instagram monitoring service that allows you to track someone else’s Instagram accounts actions.

This program collects and sends information about:

  • what posts the account likes and comments on;
  • When someone was last online;
  • how many likes the profile has;
  • what is the activity rating;
  • how many users unsubscribe from the account.
How To See Someone Else's Likes On Instagram

To access the functions, you need to register on the site. First, you will need an email and password to create an account. After entering the personal account, the user acts in the following order:

  1. Go to “My Accounts” and select the “Instashpion” option. It is in additional services.
  2. A trial profile is free.
  3. Selects the tariff according to which the checks will be carried out (the program covers from 2 to 100 accounts).
  4. Indicates the names of those Instagram users in whose activity you are interested.
  5. Get data for the listed accounts.

It takes different amounts of time to analyze profiles. This factor depends on the number of likes and activities. Large and popular profiles with high activity require a long-term collection of information.

After knowing “How To See Someone Else’s Likes On Instagram”, you may be want to know the pricing of this amazing tool.

Pricing Snoopreport

The price is determined by the number of profiles about which the user wants to receive information. Snoopreport offers the following rates for using their services:

  • 2 profiles: $4.99/month
  • 10 profiles: 14.99/month
  • 100 profiles: 44.99/month

The duration of the subscription to the service is chosen by the user – it ranges from several days to a year.

Tools to monitor someone else activities on Instagram

In addition to Snoopreport, there are other services on the Internet that perform similar tasks. The following platforms will help you track the actions of your Instagram profiles:

The account tracking function is not the main task for which these platforms are targeted. The specialization of these sites is more global and lies in the analytics of social media pages. They will be useful for bloggers, media personalities, and commercial accounts. Tariffs are calculated on each platform according to its own rules. The final cost is usually determined by the length of the subscription.

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