How Big Is A Queen Size Air Mattress: A Complete Guide

If you have decided to buy a queen-size air mattress, many questions will automatically come to your mind. Is queen size suitable for me?  How Big Is A Queen Size Air Mattress? What are the selection criteria? In this article, we will try to answer all these questions. So keep reading….

Air mattresses have long been an integral part of modern life. In summer, outdoor recreation, especially near a pond, is especially attractive. So, an air mattress can become indispensable both as an autonomous sleeping place and as a place for a comfortable daytime rest in the fresh air and as swimming means. And during the rest of the year, it will serve as a place to sleep and rest for guests staying at your place for the night or for the owners themselves who have not yet had time to acquire stationary furniture.

Benefits of A Queen Size Air Mattress

A Queen Size Air Mattress is an irreplaceable thing if you often have guests staying overnight or you often go out into nature to the reservoir.

  • A Queen Size Air Mattress is beneficial to use as a sleeping place. They are much cheaper than standard clamshells, and when folded, they practically do not take up space.
  • You can quickly inflate the mattress using any pump (it can be built-in right away) in just a few minutes. It also deflates very quickly.
  • Compactness, when folded, allows you to take it with you to any vacation, and due to its low weight, even a child can carry it.
  • The material is skin-friendly, non-sticky, non-slip, and non-irritating.
  • A Queen Size Air Mattress is very easy to clean. The main thing is to always dry them completely before putting them away for a long time.
  • The repair does not require any special skills, and the repair kit usually comes in a kit.
  • The materials used are solid to be placed on a flat floor or soft sand and grass, pebbles, or shell rock. The main thing is to avoid overtly sharp stones and broken glass.

Queen Size Air Mattresses are relatively inexpensive, and their purchase will not hit the family budget. And with careful use, they will last more than ten years.

How Big Is A Queen Size Air Mattress

QUEEN is a variant of a double mattress, only wider (152 cm) and longer (203 cm), although in our understanding it is just one and half size. In principle, this size may well be enough for two to be able to comfortably rest at night.

Sometimes manufacturers mislead their customers by offering a queen size of smaller dimensions under the name king and queen size. Or you go to buy a queen mattress, and the manufacturers provide you with a king-size mattress and charge more. That’s why you must know what are the dimensions of a queen size air mattress? Here we will show you the dimensions that will make your selection process easy.

Dimension Chart

How Big Is A Queen Size Air Mattress (Dimensions)

Queen Size Air Mattress selection criteria

There are some criteria by which it will be easier for you to choose the queen size air mattress that best suits your needs. What should you pay attention to?

Your comfort

Of course, to understand whether it will be comfortable for you to be on the mattress, it is advisable to lie down on it and lie down for at least a few minutes.

In addition, the firmness of the mattress can be assessed as follows: pump it up, place the product at an angle on edge and see if it flexes.

Inflatable mattress size

In order to correctly choose its optimal size, you need to accurately imagine, for the purposes you need this thing, for how many people it is intended for. For the category of sleeping mattresses, there are five types of its sizes:

  • single mattress, characterized by its small size and weight – 76×191 cm;
  • single (comfortable for one person) mattress – 99×191 cm;
  • one and a half mattress (it can fit two people if necessary) – 137×191 cm;
  • queen size double bed – 152×203 cm;
  • king-size double bed (king size) – 183×203 cm.

If you are going to select the queen size, don’t buy extra or fewer inches. Otherwise, they will fall into other bed type categories.

Internal organization

The internal structure of an air mattress is a shell with internal partitions, between which air circulates freely. It is worth paying attention to the stiffening ribs of the mattress. There are models with longitudinal and transverse (on the surface of the mattress, they look like cells) stiffening ribs. Both varieties are comfortable and durable, but the second is considered more reliable with heavy loads on the mattress and provides a more even load on the spine, which allows you to relax during rest better.


The best mattresses are produced by the world-famous and highly popular Intex and Bestway firms and are made of high-quality polyvinyl chloride (PVC). The wall thickness is in different models from 0.38 to 0.53 mm and also depends on the location of the surface (side, bottom, or top).

The side and top surfaces of mattresses are usually covered with a special velor coating – flock. Flocked surfaces are pleasant for the body; you can rest comfortably on them even without using bed linen. And the linen itself does not slide off the flocked mattress onto the floor.

How Big Is A Queen Size Air Mattress

Polyvinyl chloride can be perfectly cleaned and washed, it is hypoallergenic, resistant to environmental influences, creasing, and shock. When stored for a long time, when folded, it does not retain its high consumer properties.


With an abundance of offers of the air mattress, their price quite accurately reflects their quality characteristics. Of two models of the same size, the cheaper one tends to last less, as the lower price most likely means a thinner wall or fewer welded seams.

In general, the cost of inflatable products – mattresses and beds – is quite democratic, and the decision, of course, remains with the buyer, how comfortable and durable a thing he wants and can afford to buy.

Equipped with a pump

The built-in electric pump not only makes it easier to inflate the air mattress with air but does it entirely without human intervention if you do not take into account the need to plug it into an outlet or other power source. Of the minuses of models with built-in electric pumps, one can name them, respectively, a heavier weight and an absolute prohibition to use such mattresses in water. However, if you are purchasing an inflatable bed that is large enough to use regularly, the built-in pump will save you a lot of time and effort.

How Big Is A Queen Size Air Mattress (Dimensions)

Air mattresses can also be equipped with built-in foot pumps. In this case, there will be a place in the corner of the product, clicking on which, you will fill it with air. There are also models with hand pumps that are simply included. In this case, you save a little on the purchase (purchasing these items separately, you would pay a little more).

Optional accessories

Please note: some mattress models have built-in headrests. They make the rest of them more comfortable compared to mattresses with a completely horizontal surface. For many people, the angle of elevation of the head restraint is enough not to use a separate pillow (this is especially convenient in a camping trip, for example).

There are also options with air cushions that come with the mattress. 

Storage bag

Many mattress models are equipped with a special storage bag. It is especially convenient to transport an inflatable product in it.


How long will a queen size air mattress last?

The expected life of a queen-size air mattress is ten years. The life of this mattress also depends on how much you care about it. If you have pets at home, especially cats, then the air mattress should not be considered as the main sleeping place.

How long does it take for a queen size air mattress to expand?

The air mattress is equipped with a pump, and it takes just over 5 minutes to fully expand. And the mattress will be ready to use right away. Moreover, persistence also does not usually affect cost.

Do air mattress smells?

Yes, air mattresses can smell the first time they are unpacked, although this is not uncommon for a new mattress. Air mattresses are low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emissions and are CertiPUR-US certified, which means they are made without certain harmful chemicals.

Does the level of hardness of an air mattress affect durability?

Usually not. Durability is primarily influenced by the quality of the design, materials, and workmanship of the mattress.

Is this bed good for your health?

Many purchasing such a bed consider it a full-fledged one or an equivalent replacement for an ordinary stationary bed. In fact, they are much better and more valuable. If the inflatable bed is made of high-quality material and meets all the requirements and international standards, it must be equipped with a special support system. It is designed taking into account all the physiological needs and characteristics of a person.

The support system consists of special longitudinal or cylinder-shaped inserts that are located inside the inflatable bed. The number of such inserts depends on the number of individual chambers. The more comfortable and useful there are, such a bed is for the human musculoskeletal system.

The largest number of cameras and, accordingly, inserts in tall beds. Their number ranges from 2 to 6. This system ensures comfortable sleep and correct spine positioning. Thanks to it, a person resting on it will not feel unpleasant pains in the back and the whole body in the morning.

The most important thing to pay attention to when choosing this type of bed is a quality guarantee and a certificate. Any store that respects itself and consumers always has all the necessary documents to ensure the quality and reliability of the purchased goods.

How many watts does an air mattress pump use?

There are two types of pumps used in an air mattress: External air mattress pump and Internal air mattress pump. And the amount of power in watts varies from 10W to 50W.

How big is a full size air mattress?

The full-size air mattress is called king size air mattress. Its dimensions are 183×203 cm.

If you liked the article, share your thoughts in the comment box below. We would love to hear from our readers.

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